Who We Are

Initiative for Sanitation and Hygiene Towards All (ISHTA)

ISHTA aims to address the following two challenges:

  1. Lack of hygiene in toilets (toilets at highways, airports, railways, hospitals, hostels, offices, restaurants and other places) which often lead to UTIs and a variety of other infections due to lack of sanitation and misuse, and
  2. Non-availability of toilets in several areas resulting in archaic methods of waste disposal and risk to environment.

Our approach is to innovate, stay simple and impact:

  1. We have developed a unique, easy to carry, no touch, comfortable, waterproof cover for toilet seat - “ISHTA” - for use in toilets. It provides a clean experience and helps prevent UTIs and other infections unknowingly contracted at times while using toilet seats.
  2. We contribute a part of ISHTA sale proceeds to organisations constructing and maintaining toilets.
  3. We try engage women (otherwise working as house helps) in our processes, helping them to earn extra money and learn to be ambassadors of change in hygiene habits.
  4. Clean is also Green... ISHTA is minimalistic and follows 3Rs- Reduce the use of paper, Redeploy part proceeds for sanitation, Recyclable material for environment safe disposal.

At ISHTA we strive for synergy: some make ISHTA, some add a brick for a toilet, some earn and learn, and sanitation becomes a reality in many ways for all. Everyone engaged contributes and achieves for oneself and each other.

ISHTA is a prayer for a small step... let’s take it together.

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